Last month I started playing with the p5 js library with the help of The Coding Train videos on youtube. I also learned to use git and github with The Coding Train.

First I wanted to make a sort of data visualization program that would make abtract art out of gps coordinates, times and dates (you can see it half finished on my github account) but it’s harder that I thought to represent data visually in a meaningful way.

Enter the poem generator.

One of my favourite kind of art is that so-called “non-art” - things that feel like art but were made by people who don’t identify as artists or weren’t meaning to make art. This is my non-poetry. I don’t feel like a poet at all, but when my generator pulls together bits and pieces of words and half phrases, sometimes you end up with something that is greatly reminiscent of a poem :)

according to the date you input, it pulls from an array of words and phrases to build a custom poem for that date. I thought it would be a fun way to get more poetry in our lives and represent the moments that are meaningful.

Here is a link to the poem maker to make some yourself: - please tag me if you like your poem and share it! I want to see <3