I’ve been feeling a lot of sadness lately, the kind that bubbles up out of nowhere and spills out in the form of tears. White people’s reactions/non-reactions in the face of the undeniable existance of racism has deeply affected me. It’s showed me how much work I need to do to heal past experiences.

I spent my childhood surrounded by white people and despite my best efforts to simoultaneously emmulate whiteness and perpetuate the model minority myth (get good grades, don’t bring “smelly” food to school, stay in the shade, shut your mouth when someone is being racist, don’t retaliate), my being “part of the gang” felt conditional. Whiteness being standard, the condition was being that I was being white enough to be understood by them.

What now though?

I want to tell more stories, find ways to use tech in order to make an impact with stories. People who benefit from white supremacy will always have a tendency to want to look away because it’s easier that way. It sucks to look at a problem that you are intimately a part of but that also feels unsurmountable at the same time. I get that. But white people are not powerless. Just speaking up in your community is powerful in itself.

That way, you can save Black and Indigenous people and other people of colour from doing the exhausting work of talking to white people who don’t believe that racism is that big of a problem anymore. Read books, read articles, listen to podcasts and talks by BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Colour) and reference them when you talk to other white people. That way you make it clear to other white people that you are not just another liberal whitey talking out of their ass, but more importantly you also elevate the voices of black and indigenous people and other people of colour.

Anways, I totally went on a tangent.

How can I create tech tools that facilitate activism and the conveying of important messages?

That’s what I’m wondering now… the future getting increasingly shaped by various technologies and we need our voices, Black voices, First Nations, Inuit, Métis voices, POC, trans , cis women, LGBTQIA2S+ voices, the voices of people from diverse classes, body types and abilities to be part of writing history this time around. I don’t want us to get left behind again. No more being meek or underestimated. We must claim the space we deserve in the future that is coming.

How do we facilitate the learning of coding and programming for aforementionned people and secure jobs within the tech industry?

Drop me a line if you want to share your ideas.

In the meantime, here are some interesting orgs/collectives/projects to check out:

EDIT 27/06/20

The Come Up (personal finances and tech)